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Flint Group at Pan European Security Conference

Flint Group Flexographic Products raised a lot of interest with ‘Digital Imaging – New Standards in Security Printing’

From April 13 to April 15, 2010 the 7th Pan European High Security Printing Conference took place in Berlin, Germany. The event attracted 260 participants and 40 exhibitors from 34 countries. The focus was on security printing issues and technologies in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.

For the second time (2005 at venue in Vietnam) Flint Group Flexographic Products had the possibility to present the latest technology for plates and plate processing in the Security Printing market. The presentation “Digital Imaging – New standards in Security Printing” focussed on new imaging technologies for letterpress plates via IR-laser.

Since film manufacturers announced that special films for security plate making will no longer be available, the security printers have been forced to search for alternative technologies to image their printing forms. One efficient option to achieve on this is Digital Imaging.

Digital Imaging not only eliminates the film processing and the disadvantages of the image transfer via film, it also offers significant quality improvements for security printers and increases the standard of product safety, which is the main requirement in security printing!

Flint Group Flexographic Products is able to offer the complete range of digital plates for security printing. nyloprint® letterpress plates are used in direct or indirect printing of security backgrounds and cards. In intaglio printing the nyloprint® gravure printing plate acts as the master form used in the galvanic processing. For inking-up the gravure cylinders in intaglio printing presses to print guilloche patterns on all kinds of securities, the water-washable nyloprint® stencil plates are the perfect choice.

Plate types for proof printing
nyloprint® WS 43 Digital

Plate types for background printing of securities
nyloprint® WS 58 Digital
nyloprint® WS 73 Digital

Intaglio Master Plate
nyloprint® WSA 52 Digital

Digital Stencil Plate
nyloprint® WS 230 S Digital

20 May 2010

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