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Europe: Flint Group Announces Price Increases in Energy Curable Inks and Varnishes and Waterbased Coatings Products

Flint Group Print Media Europe has announced price increases in energy curable inks and varnishes and waterbased coatings effective September 1st 2010

“Severe increases in acrylic acid prices, with more predicted, coupled with widespread shortages of most raw materials used in the production of energy curable inks and varnishes has forced the costs of these products up to a level that we can no longer contain” explained Mr Nick Brannan, Vice President of Product Management, Flint Group Print Media Europe.

As a result UV curable inks will increase by 6%, UV varnishes by 7% - 15% depending on the product, and waterbased coatings will increase by 6% on 1st September.

“The unstable supply situation which is driving prices up globally, is impacting heavily on our key raw materials” Continued Mr Brannan. “We continually maximise our technical and procurement infrastructure to address market and economic challenges, and we have robust global purchasing processes in place enabling us to leverage our relationships with reliable suppliers.”

Flint Group has been working very hard to mitigate the increases, through various cost containment initiatives, whilst at the same time keeping customers informed of the spiralling costs. Now its ability to continue absorbing the increases has come to end due to the magnitude and widespread nature of the situation.

Customers will be notified directly by Flint Group's sales organisation to discuss the impact on the particular products they purchase.

2 August 2010

For more information, contact:

Flint Group
Peter Baird
T +44 (0) 161 776 6865

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