1280 Antimicrobial Coatings

Flint Group develops antimicrobial coatings

With the ever increasing focus on preventing infections from harmful bacteria, Flint Group is developing an active antimicrobial coating suitable for application on most substrates and via all major printing methods.

Proven in hospital real time studies and supported by full independent laboratory data, the Biomaster technology works via release of silver ions on demand which in turn safely inhibit bacteria growth.

The inorganic nature, small particle size and high temperature tolerance of the product makes it ideal for use in the production of antibacterial coatings.

Biomaster products contain typically 10 times more silver than any other silver biocides which are on the market, and consequently they only need to be used at very low concentrations. With a minimal loading level required, the on-cost is not significant but the results are impressive – reducing bacteria levels by 99.99%.

25 August 2010

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