1425 Violet PV23

Flint Group announces price increase of 22% for Packaging and Narrow Web Inks in Europe containing pigment violet PV 23

Since the beginning of this year the whole printing industry has been facing extremely challenging raw material markets, which resulted in the urgent need of a price increase for printing inks. In the last few weeks the industry was additionally constrained, in the raw material market, when the prices of the pigment violet PV 23 were again significantly increased. “During the past 12 months we have been fighting dramatic cost increases for this product of up to 70%. Further increases are expected.” explains Jens Zimmermann Director Global Marketing & Business Development at Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web. The main cost driver for Violet 23 is the reduced availability of the key material for this pigment, Carbazole, which is mainly produced in China and India.

“Flint Group is working with leading pigment suppliers to manage this situation and thus lessen the cost impact”, explains Jens Zimmermann. He continues: “With the recent raw material cost increases we are however regretfully forced to increase prices for all Packaging and Narrow Web Inks in Europe containing pigment violet PV 23 by 22% as of 15th December 2010.”

Flint Group is conscious of the fact that its customers are not having an easy time at the moment but unfortunately the costs of many raw materials together with energy and transport are expected to continue to rise. Even for 2011 raw materials will remain a major concern, resulting in further issues with extended lead times, severe shortages and short shipments, thus driving costs up further.

7 December 2010

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