1440 Flexo Symposium

Strong team spirit and new technology

Flint Group Flexographic Products informs international sales team about wide product range and innovations

Participants from 43 countries came to the Flint Group Symposium 2010 in Stuttgart. At the end of September, more than 120 participants from 43 countries accepted Flint Group Flexographic Products’ invitation to attend a two-day symposium given by the global sales organisation in Stuttgart. Mario Busshoff, Vice President and General Manager, was highly satisfied with the excellent response, with participants appreciating the motivational atmosphere that encouraged an international exchange of experience and increased team spirit. In addition, the attendees unanimously praised the presentation which was deemed to be extremely worthwhile, as the comprehensive information on the current status of the broad product portfolio provided a systematic overview, while various new developments were presented in detail.

The innovative UV exposure technology provided a technical highlight for flexo printing plates, which Flint Group Flexographic Products presented for the first time during Labelexpo in Chicago in September 2010. The new nyloflex® NExT technology is currently in the beta test phase and will become commercially available in 2011. 

Additional presentations demonstrated that

  • The broad range of nyloflex® printing plates, sleeves and equipment allows one to choose the appropriate product for each application, from corrugated printing, to film printing, to printing forms for the In-the-Round Technology (ITR), including adapters and high-performance processing equipment (up to 120 sleeves per day).
  • In the comprehensive range of rotec® sleeves and adapters, the rotec® Premium Sleeve offers the highest dimensional stability available.
  • In the area of nyloprint® letterpress printing, there is a clear tendency to go digital, as suitable films will no longer be available in the near future.
  • A trend towards automation can be observed with regards to processing equipment. Examples are the compact nyloflex® Combi FII system for label applications, as well as the new nyloflex® Automated Plate Processor (APP), which has been presented for the first time and will be available at the beginning of 2011. In this equipment, the process of washing to finishing is entirely integrated.

Different guest lectures completed the symposium:

  • The Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web division – Overview on the comprehensive printing inks portfolio
  • EskoArtwork – Latest developments in the prepress area
  • tesa SE – How to choose the suitable tape for printing plates mounting
  • Zecher GmbH – Interaction between anilox rollers and printing plates
    Attendees of the Flint Group Symposium were a very observant audience.

13 December 2010

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