1535 UV Blanket

Flint Group Print Media Europe Launches Two New UV Sheetfed and Web Offset Process Series.

A new UV varnish system is the key to the flagship products being launched onto the European market this month.


In an exciting initiative to bring the best performing technology from around the world into the European range of UV process inks, Flint Group’s Print Media Europe Division announced the launch of two new UV sheetfed and web offset process ink series and a new base colour mixing system today.


“Several months of development and benchmarking lie behind these new products”, explained Nick Brannan, VP of Product Management, Print Media Europe, Sheetfed Print. “We have superb UV formulators both in Europe and in North America where we are the market leader in energy curable products. Our decision to combine the best of our regional portfolios into one concise range for Europe has led to this moment. With these new inks we truly believe we have world class products to outperform anything in the market”


Ultraking® 6100 is ideally suited for coated and uncoated papers and board as well as PE laminated board. It offers fast curing speed and good suitability for reduced alcohol printing. Additionally its low water pick up, excellent press stability and lower tack than any previous products from Flint Group make it an ideal choice for a wide range of substrates. Ultraking® 6100 promises to be a business winning work-horse.


Ultraking® 7730 is the flagship product and is aimed at the really critical high end, high-speed UV sheetfed and web printing market. It features low misting, an excellent ink water balance and is just as good with or without alcohol. “7730’s excellent flow in the ink duct, low dot gain and superb press stability have delivered test results that set it apart from all the products we compared it to”  continued Brannan. “So much so, that we decided to re-formulate our base mixing system with the varnish vehicle of the 7730 to ensure our customers get the full benefit of the advancements we have made” Existing spot colour formulations will not be affected by this change as pigments used and their strength has not been changed.


 “Our UV ink portfolio is now stronger than ever” concludes Richard Wilson, European UV Product Manager “and our new product programme will soon continue with the launch of a superb UV blanket, dayGraphica 4100 Ultrared UV, which is also promising to be a world class product, based on very positive trial results. With the additional technical support that we have recently put in place across Europe, we are very excited about the long term future of our UV business”.


For more information about these products and all of Print Media Europe’s extensive ink, blanket and press room chemical portfolio, please visit www.flintgrp.com