1580 North America Flint Group Announces Price Increases On Sheetfed And Offset Web Energy Curable Inks And Coatings

North America: Flint Group Announces Price Increases on Sheetfed and Offset Web Energy Curable Inks and Coatings

Plymouth, MI USA – Flint Group North America has announced a 7% price increase on energy curable inks and coatings used in sheetfed and offset web printing. New prices take effect on all products ordered in the United States and Canada on or after May 1, 2011, subject to existing contracts.


“Energy curable ink costs are affected on many fronts,” explains Doug Labertew, VP Product Management & Strategy. “From pigments to additives to the highly functional materials that give energy curable products their performance properties, raw material costs are on the rise.”


“One example is acrylic acid,” notes Diane Parisi, Vice President Supply Chain Management. “These materials are used in a variety of UV ink components, and their costs are greatly affected by limited supply of finished acrylic acid as well as its feedstocks.”