1695 Lithokett A User Friendly UV Offset Ink For The North American Narrow Web Print Market

Lithokett™ - A User Friendly UV Offset Ink for the North American Narrow Web Print Market

Flint Group is introducing their new UV offset ink called Lithokett™ in North America. This new generation UV offset system offers outstanding print and press performance and is suitable for most label substrates for narrow web applications.

 Flint Group Europe and Asia recently introduced Lithocure Premium™, a printer friendly UV Offset ink for the narrow web market.  Now, to support the North American region, Flint Group introduces the Lithokett™ series of UV Offset inks. Jennifer Joyce, Global Product Director Narrow Web explains, “Our intent with both ink systems is to offer a next generation UV offset technology that is truly enhanced – providing narrow web offset printers with a wider operating window to increase uptime, while also considering regional specifications and requirements.”

 Offset printing is a balance of several parameters – with Lithokett™, Flint Group has perfected the key parameters necessary in a successful UV Offset ink.  Using Lithokett™ will result in higher productivity, better print quality over long runs, and truly superior print quality no matter the substrates.

 “Lithokett™ is developed to have a maximised water/fount window and stability over several press hours, and works on all press settings that we’ve been exposed to” says Tom Hammer, Product Manager Flint Group Narrow Web. Mr. Hammer continues, “With Lithokett™ printers can achieve robust, reliable and high performance results. Lithokett ™ raises the bar considerably in UV Offset printing.“

 Flint Group received very positive feedback during beta testing at printers. Comments included: “Improved ink duct flow”, “Stable ink density at various press speeds”, “Excellent dot gain and dot gain stability across shades”.

 Other benefits of Lithokett ™ include:

  • Less prone to show scumming/toning at demanding designs and varied press room conditions
  • Very good adhesion properties to a wide range of materials
  • Very good cure response and improved scratch resistance
  • Superb print quality also at high printing speed
  • Superb colour strength
  • Outstanding lithographic properties

 The new Lithokett™ system is designed to be used in narrow web UV rotary offset systems but can also be used in UV rotary letterpress systems. Inks are available in 4 colour process, Pantone® basic shades, high resistance colours, and opaque white.