1780 Flint Group Announces Flexistar Confectionery

Flint Group announces FlexiStar™ Confectionery, the next generation of solvent-based packaging inks for the North American Flexo Confectionery Market.

FlexiStar™ Confectionery provides excellent printability, superior adhesion, and resistance properties with and without a cold seal release overprint lacquer - this ink system is designed for surface and reverse print applications.

“Confectionery package printing is all about shelf appeal and constant innovation at a competitive price.  FlexiStar™ Confectionery is based on these principals,' says Grant Shouldice Product Director Film & Foil, Packaging and Narrow Web North America.

The confectionary printing market requires inks that print clean and clear, are easy to use, and come with a competitive price point.  FlexiStar™ Confectionary combines the key attributes required by this market.

FlexiStar™ Confectionary provides excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates.  Flint Group realizes that printers in this segment are investigating many new film technologies; FlexiStar™ Confectionery has been successfully tested on a wide range of new and existing films with multiple cold seal release lacquers and cohesives.

Grant Shouldice concludes: “With FlexiStar™ Confectionery, Flint Group delivers exceptional quality and performance properties to the Confectionery packaging segment.”