1810 Flint Group Europe Announces Price Increases For All White Inks For Packaging And Labels Effective April 1St

Flint Group Europe announces price increases for all white inks for packaging and labels effective April 1st

Raw material costs have been a significant issue in 2011 and many of the key feed stocks are still continuing their upward trend. A number of resins and solvents, and particularly Titanium dioxide, continue to escalate in price, with producers announcing prices to increase for the 6th quarter in a row. Unfortunately this trend is expected to continue through the balance of 2012.

 “The ongoing cost increases are particularly impacting on white inks”, comments Doug Aldred, President Packaging and Narrow Web. “While we continue to reformulate to the most economical choices available, these increases cannot be absorbed further”.

Cost pressures require Flint Group to pass increases through a combination of price increases and surcharges for solvent-based, water-based and UV whites in Europe. The increases will be effective 1 April 2012 and range between € 0.22/kg and €0.40/kg, depending on the type of products purchased.

 Customers will be contacted directly by Flint Group’s sales organisation to discuss the impact of the increase on the particular products they purchase.