1855 Introducing Pamiostar

Introducing PamioStar™ SP from Flint Group! A new series of solvent flexo surface print whites for the North American Flexible Packaging Market.

The PamioStar™ SP series of solvent flexo surface whites provide excellent technical performance while delivering exceptional value to customers.   This application segment requires good opacity, gloss, and great print characteristics while delivering excellent value.   The PamioStar™ SP series of surface whites is designed to deliver these attributes. 

“The PamioStar™ SP series of whites is the next generation of surface whites for many general applications that do not require high heat resistance (i.e. bread bags).   This new series builds on the past success we have had with Flint Group’s Polygloss™ series of surface whites,” says John Gaber Product Manager Film & Foil, Packaging and Narrow Web North America.

John Gaber concludes: “Flint Group recently launched a series of solvent flexo lamination whites called OmniLam™ PT; with the introduction of the PamioStar™ SP series of surface print whites Flint Group provides a solution to our surface print customers.   These specially designed whites will deliver the performance and value today’s printer requires.”