1887 Flint Group S Nyloflex ACE NEW Printing Plates Now Available

Flint Group’s nyloflex® ACE NEW printing plates now available

nyloflex® ACE NEW – the formulation for superior product features that sets the standard in high quality flexo printing 
The conventional and digital nyloflex® ACE NEW printing plates, a further innovation of Flint Group Flexographic Products, will be launched in Western Europe and North America in July 2012. The high durometer flexographic plates offer premium quality in flexible packaging, corrugated preprint, beverage packaging and label printing. With its superior solvent resistance, the new plate is suited perfectly for solvent based inks, but also water based inks and a broad range of UV inks.
Sets the standard in high quality flexo printing

Sharp reproduction of the finest halftones, smooth, homogenous vignettes and high contrast images combined with excellent ink transfer make the nyloflex® ACE NEW the plate of choice. Especially in combination with new technologies, such as HD Flexo or nyloflex® NExT, the plate offers high-class print results. nyloflex® NExT, Flint Group’s high intensity exposure technology, is the smart solution for a precise defined surface of Flat Top Dots in flexo printing.
Efficiency and productivity

nyloflex® ACE NEW is quick, consistent and reliable in processing. The even floor and clear contrast result in easy handling and good mounting properties. The plate provides major advantages to printers due to its low dust attraction and advanced cleaning behavior. According to customer reports nyloflex® ACE NEW Digital runs up to 500,000 meters without cleaning stops, resulting in a reduction of printing costs. Moreover, stable quality and consistency during the entire run length, superior durability and a long lifetime make it very economical.
Extensive field tests with nyloflex® ACE NEW brought outstanding print results and extremely positive feedback. The global market introduction of the new printing plates will progressively follow.

26 June 2012

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