1890 Europe Flint Group Print Media Announces The Launch Of LIBRA Ink Fount Technology

Europe - Flint Group Print Media announces the launch of LIBRA ink & fount technology – innovative products, perfect synergy, minimising paper and board waste with effortless IPA free printing

Balance, Harmony, Stability – the three principles behind LIBRA Technology, Flint Group’s new system for optimised printing. LIBRA Technology signifies Flint Group’s unique capabilities as an innovative global manufacturer of both inks and fount solutions, and heralds a new age of technology leadership for the Sheetfed Print Division.


Nick Brannan, VP Product Management Sheetfed Inks and Pressroom Chemistry explains the background “For the last 12 months, our Product Development and Technical Service Teams have been striving to solve some of the industry’s most enduring challenges, including paper wastage and IPA free printing! Now, after months of rigorous testing at printers across Europe we are pleased to announce the launch of LIBRA Technology”


”In this world of diminishing resources” Brannan continues, “the need to reduce wastage now presses upon all of us to act quickly. LIBRA Technology is a huge step in the right direction, as it enables printers to achieve ink/water balance faster than most other products in the market place, thus considerably reducing start-up waste. It also requires less intermediate blanket wash ups, leading to further reductions in waste material and less down time.”


It has long been recognised that the use of IPA in the printing process is undesirable, for environmental, health and safety as well as economic reasons. However its advantages in increasing the viscosity of the fount solution, optimising ink/water balance and creating a wide and stable printing window far outweighed the pressure to stop using it. However as the world has changed in recent years, with more emphasis on environmental protection, and cost savings programmes, there has been a growing need to reduce or eliminate IPA from the printing process. Many attempts to provide stable solutions to this challenge have ultimately failed – but now there is a high quality, very stable option - Libra!


“These advantages alone do not paint the full picture” Explains Juergen Riedlinger, Director of Product Management Sheetfed Inks. “LIBRA Technology brings performance benefits, such as reduced misting on high speed wide-format presses, and reduced picture framing, which is a long standing problem in the industry”


Nick Brannan concludes “Flint Group’s capability to cross develop product lines has been identified as a clear advantage for our customers, and ink, press room chemicals and transfer media technical teams are now working diligently together, optimising this opportunity to enhance on press product performance for our customers”


LIBRA Technology delivers results on 3 levels



·       No IPA

·       Less waste paper/board

·       Lowers VOCs

·       Reduces Carbon footprint

·       Less packaging

·       Reduction of waste disposal

·       Healthier working conditions



·       Optimum press performance

·       Dramatically reduces picture framing

·       Minimises misting

·       Improved setting speed

·       Reduced blanket washes

·       Optimum ink/water balance, even with zero IPA

·       OEM approved formulation of the fount

·       Stable IPA-free printing


Cost savings

·       Paper/board savings

·       IPA - Costs per litre

·       Insurance premiums

·       Environmental tarrifs

·       Warehousing

For more information about LIBRA Technology please view presentation.

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