1895 Security Documents World Conference 2012 Breaks Records

Security Documents World conference 2012 breaks records

Flint Group Flexographic Products’ printing plate portfolio for security and banknote printing presented in London 
From 21 to 23 May 2012, the Security Document World conference (SDW) took place in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre of Westminster, London, UK. SDW is an international event for technology suppliers and security document printers as well as infrastructure providers and integrators in the fast-moving security document market place . Celebrating its sixth anniversary, the event brought record numbers - with about 350 delegates at the conference, about 90 exhibitors and 1400 visitors at the exhibition.

An important target of the three-day conference was the networking between the decision makers from industry and governments. Products and services for document security, e-Passports, visas, driving licences, national IDs, worker credentials, advanced border control, anti-counterfeiting, fraud detection and much more were presented. As an exhibitor, Flint Group Flexographic Products showcased its complete printing plate portfolio for security and banknote printing.
Especially in security and banknote printing, the highest possible precision is required for fine texts and guilloche patterns. Flint Group’s nyloprint ® WS and WS Digital plates are utilised for these and similar purposes in direct or indirect letterpress printing. For inking-up the gravure cylinders in intaglio printing presses, the water washable nyloprint ® stencil plates WS 225, WS 230 S and WS 230 S Digital are the perfect choice. In intaglio printing the nyloprint ® gravure printing plates ST 52, WSA 52 and WSA 52 Digital act as the master form used in the galvanic processing of the actual printing plate. The conventional and digital nyloflex ® Gold A plates complete the security plate portfolio for inline and offline coating. They can be used in sheetfed offset presses as well as in special application presses.
Markus Muehlfeit, Product Manager Flexographic Products, is pleased with the result: “Many visitors from several countries showed great interest in our printing plate portfolio. We managed to intensify existing relationships and to establish interesting new contacts to the key players in the security printing business.”

Christoph Baldermann, Technical Service Flexo & Letterpress Plates Flint Group Flexographic Products, informed visitors on the nyloprint® plate portfolio
5 July 2012

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