1960 Flint Group Flexographic Products To Raise Prices For Photopolymer Printing Plates

Flint Group Flexographic Products to raise prices for photopolymer printing plates

General cost increases force price increase
Effective the 1 st of January 2013, Flint Group will raise prices for photopolymer printing plates by 3% to recover general cost increases. Energy costs have risen by more than 20% since 2007; additionally, major increases are expected due to the move to renewable energies. Transportation and logistic costs have constantly gone up during recent years, and future increases are already becoming evident.
As a result of the economical crisis at the end of 2008, raw material prices escalated and still remain at a continuing high level; a recovery cannot be seen. Furthermore, photopolymer printing plates are manufactured with several special raw materials, which are exclusively produced for these products. “We place high demands on quality and the specification of our raw materials”, explains Dr. Thomas Zwez, Vice President Operations Flint Group Flexographic Products. ”It is obvious that our suppliers will charge us for this service. Due to this special situation, we have to work constantly to secure our raw material base. This means significant additional efforts, which tie up considerable resources.” Flint Group will work continuously on improving internal processes and offering sustainable and innovative products to its customers.
Flint Group’s sales representatives will soon contact customers to discuss the details of the price increase.

2 October 2012

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