2010 North America Flint Group Launches UV Offset Ink For High Speed Printing

North America: Flint Group Launches UV Offset Ink for High-speed Printing

  • High-quality performance and exceptional rub-resistance
  • For folding carton and commercial applications 

Plymouth, MI USA (January 29, 2013) – Flint Group recently launched an offset UV ink series designed to excel on today’s high-speed presses. These versatile Arrowstar™ Plus UV 8000 inks are ideal for folding carton and commercial printing applications.
“Arrowstar Plus UV inks are extremely fast-curing, making them a great choice for print jobs that involve direct finishing, backside printing for non-food applications, and more,” notes Tyler Newsom, Sheetfed Product Manager. “Their performance and quality are unwavering, even on the most challenging, high-speed presses in the market.”
The secret behind the performance and functionality, including exceptional rub-resistance, is the unique resin and photoinitiator chemistry. According to Rodney Balmer, Flint Group’s Director of Global Research & Product Development, Sheetfed, “Arrowstar Plus UV 8000 inks use the latest raw material technology to push the limits of cure speed and functionality.”