2050 Moscherosch Partnership

Flint Group and School Centre in Willstaett agree on Education Partnership

It is very important for Flint Group to have qualified and well trained employees. Therefore, the company actively promotes young individuals with talent - offering apprenticeships at many of its sites. Currently, chemical assistants and mechatronics specialists are educated at the German site of Willstaett, where they are considered for roles as part of the printing plates production team.

Additionally, close contacts to training centres and schools, such as the Moscherosch School in Willstaett have been established. This school centre, named after the baroque poet Johann Michael Moscherosch, who was born in Willstaett, was founded about 30 years ago. Today this technical secondary school (so called Werkrealschule) offers a general six-year course of education with an O-level graduation at the end. Thus, pupils get a chance to achieve their vocational orientation at a very early stage.

To further intensify the existing good cooperation, the Moscherosch School and Flint Group now have agreed on an educational partnership. With this agreement, students are offered the opportunity to become acquainted with operative processes and diverse job possibilities as part of their career planning. In this way, they will be able to get appropriate practical experiences, and they can make a realistic impression for themselves about work place conditions and the job qualifications required. Flint Group contributes to the practical teaching and to the improvement of the educational level. The students can take advantage of plant visits and one week internships at Flint Group as well as career guidance at the Moscherosch School.

Dr. Thomas Zwez, Managing Director Flint Group Germany GmbH, summarises: “To promote young individuals with talent is very important for us, and this cooperation will bring benefits to both parties – for us as an employer as well as for the young people, to whom we offer guidance for their future.” Bertram Walter, Principal of the Moscherosch School adds: “It’s essential, that our pupils have the possibility to start a high class apprenticeship after their graduation, such as Flint Group offers. With this educational partnership, we have created a good basis for this”.

3 May 2013

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