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SweFlex print trial: Flint Group impresses with nyloflex® NExT

Innovative exposure technology and NEW nyloflex® ACE Digital printing plate yield excellent results

The renowned graphic educational centre Broby Grafiska and the Swedish Flexography Association SweFlex regularly host joint trainings and seminars for the printing industry. This year’s spring meeting was completely dedicated to flat top dot technology. More than 150 participants from 10 countries came to Sunne, Western Sweden, to look at the results of the print trials.

Five large repro houses, which use the different flat top dot technologies of diverse printing plate manufactures, had been invited for the print trials. All participants had to reproduce the same test form with four different images, which have been printed on the school’s Fischer & Krecke printing press. For all print jobs, Flint Group’s water-based Premo® Screen HD printing ink was used; thereby, the artwork submitted by the multinational prepress company, Miller Graphics, achieved excellent results. Miller Graphics utilised Flint Group’s NEW nyloflex® ACE Digital printing plate and nyloflex® NExT exposure technology. The results of this print trial again showed the outstanding printing quality, which can be achieved with the nyloflex® NExT technology. The finest highlights and smoother vignettes, as well as a perfect ink lay-down due to the possibility to apply a HD surface screening, convinced the jury.

The NEW nyloflex® ACE plate offers considerable benefits to the printer: besides a precise reproduction of details, high contrast images and smoother vignettes, it shows its strengths particularly with outstanding stability on press, reduced downtimes due to a very low dust attraction and a clean running nature during printing. The plate displays excellent properties when used with the nyloflex® NExT exposure technology, for which it has been especially designed.

The innovative technology for producing flat top dots and surface screening, nyloflex® NExT, which meanwhile has been established globally, offers a range of distinctive advantages to the user. In flexible packaging, printing plates exposed with this technology enable excellent ink transfer, particularly in solids. In corrugated printing, a considerable reduction in fluting can be observed. nyloflex® NExT technology provides significantly improved reproduction quality and long-term stability. The exposure technology is applicable for all digital flexographic printing plates and can be easily implemented into the existing digital workflow. In contrast to most of the competitive flat top dot technologies, there is no need for additional consumables.

Also, with nyloprint® NExT, Flint Group Flexographic Products has now launched an exposure for letterpress plates, which enables precise reproduction of the finest elements and highest production stability. nyloprint® NExT exposure technology is particularly suitable for applications in security and banknote printing as well as the high-end segment of labels, tubes, cups and can printing.

29 July 2013

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