2160 British Coatings Federation Food Summit

Flint Group Presents at BCF Summit on Food Packaging

Dr Hans-Peter Seyer of Flint Group will join other industry experts at the forthcoming British Coatings Federation Food Packaging Summit, to help distinguish between fact and fiction relating to migration in food packaging printing.

The BCF’s Food Packaging Summit will take place on 28th November at Sketchley Grange Hotel in Leicestershire, and will bring together key personnel from across the food packaging supply chain; from the retailers and brand owners, all the way back up-stream to the converters and substrate manufacturers, including of course, the ink makers themselves!  

“Flint Group takes its social responsibilities very seriously and nowhere more so than in regard to compliant food packaging printing” said Dr Seyer. “When the BCF first announced the concept of a Summit to address this area, we were very keen to participate in the discussion. I think the event will help to clear up and demystify some of the concerns people may have and will certainly benefit the industry by helping to forge stronger links across the supply chain. In the end we all have a part to play in ensuring food safe packaging standards are upheld, so transparency and open discussion such as this can only be a positive move.”

Flint Group is a leading manufacturer of low migration conventional and UV sheetfed offset and UV flexographic inks and coatings, and manufactures strictly within the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines of the European Printing Inks Association (EuPIA). Having signed the EuPIA Compliance Commitments document related to the manufacture and supply of food packaging inks, Flint Group is fully dedicated to the principle of protecting consumer food safety. In addition Flint Group also manufactures a wide range of ISEGA approved pressroom chemicals and printing blankets, all of which are suitable for compliant food packaging printing.

To attend the Summit and join the debate, visit the BCF website events page at