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Flint Group Flexo Round Table: Anniversary Meeting well attended

Ten years of regional customer events in Germany

Ten years ago, Flint Group launched a series of regional customer events in Germany, which have been very popular. In November 2013, the company invited customers to an anniversary event. Both meetings, in Steinfeld (Northern Germany) and in Fichtenau (South Germany), were very well attended with a total of approximately 80 visitors.

As usual, interesting lectures were given on the latest technologies and developments within the industry. Dr Matthias Henker, Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web informed the group on ink developments at Flint Group. Frank Rheinisch, Coim Germany GmbH, reported on the newest trends in laminating adhesives and gave useful tips on how they can be processed and what will be observed.

The main subject of both events was the information on the status of the NExT exposure technology. Based on diverse print samples, the latest results were presented and evaluated. After the nyloflex® NExT exposure technology was established worldwide for flexo printing, the nyloprint® NExT exposure technology for letterpress printing was introduced, to the market in the spring of 2013. The nyloprint® NExT technology is especially targeted for security and banknote printing., but it’s also suitable for the high-end segment of labels, tubes, cups and can printing. Both technologies offer a number of advantages to the user and are compatible with all standard prepress systems and HD software. They can be easily implemented into the existing digital workflow.

In flexible packaging, the nyloflex® NExT Exposure enables an optimised ink lay down on press, and it exploits the potential to improve the highlights and fine vignettes. The LED based exposure technology offers precise and reliable surface screening as well as the reproduction of the finest image details. In corrugated post-print, it shows not only an improvement in reproduction but also a significant reduction of the fluting effect. The exposure technology is applicable for all digital flexographic printing plates.

The nyloprint® NExT Exposure’s UV-A LEDs of the latest generation allow a more precise image reproduction of the finest relief elements and gradations. Compared with conventional light sources, the high-power LEDs enable a virtual 1:1 copy of the digital data onto the printing plate. The exposing speed of the LED bars can be customised to specifically define dot shape and shoulder angle. Additionally, the finest highlights and open shadows increase the image contrast. The new technology can be used for all digital letterpress plates, regardless of plate thickness and format.

The event was completed by an intensive exchange of participants’ experiences. Flint Group will also continue with further customer events in 2014.

10 February 2013

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