2380 Innovation Pad Printing

Working Group Innovation Pad Printing meets at Flint Group

Initiative gives support to customers with questions and provides solutions to problems

At the end of April 2014, around a dozen attendees came together in Stuttgart, Germany, for the second meeting of the working group Innovation Pad Printing. The event was hosted by Flint Group, one of the founding members of this community of interests.

The target of the work group, which was newly established in October 2013, is to facilitate better networking of experts comprised of diverse suppliers, institutes, and research organisations. The initiative will provide customers with a platform from which they can receive support with questions as well as solutions to problems. Additionally, participants will be able to use this platform as a means to optimise their processes, thus reduce costs, and to conduct training programmes. Innovation will be promoted and better utilised. And last, but not least, a website will be presented very soon, which links the involved organisations and provides the opportunity for visitors to ask questions or make suggestions.

The spokesperson for the working group Innovation Pad Printing is Juergen Veser, Technical Service Flint Group Flexographic Products. He will be supported by Peter Gailing, Sieb- und Tampondruck Gailing, and Ralf Ruebenach, Marabu. From now on, the members of the working party will meet periodically. The next conference is planned to take place in late autumn 2014.

7 July 2014

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