2465 Flint Group Raises Prices On Offset Inks In Europe Middle East Africa

Flint Group raises prices on Offset Inks in Europe, Middle East & Africa

  •  Prices for Offset inks will increase by 5%

  • Price Increase becomes effective on 1st January 2015 subject to existing contracts contracts.

The upward pressure on raw materials for Offset Inks has remained unabated and necessitates that Flint Group raise prices for these specific product groups as of 1st January 2015.

“The market for pigment intermediates and pigments has shown considerable increases due to more stringent environmental regulations and strict enforcement of these regulations.” Jan-Paul van der Velde, SVP Procurement, Sustainability, IT and Regulatory continuing that “As well, various resins and basic chemicals used in the process industries remain challenging, with continued upward price pressures sustaining a long run with no relief in sight and fewer suppliers available with whom to partner.”

Craig Foster, President Print Media Europe Division, adds that the industry has seen a steady creep upwards of pricing for most inputs, as well as some significant increases in specific product types. Flint Group, recognising the challenges our customers face, has worked doggedly to mitigate increases through intensive efficiency programmes and the ongoing development of a business appropriate lean organisation.  He adds that “consistent product supply and quality is vital to our valued customers and will never be compromised. Therefore, despite our continued efforts to mitigate the impact of the ongoing cost escalation, Flint Group is forced to pass modest increases through the supply chain.”

The new pricing is valid for the region Europe Middle East and Africa and will take effect from 1st January 2015, subject to existing contracts.