2500 Flint Group Packaging And Narrow Web Proud Members Of The UV LED Curing Community

Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web proud members of the UV LED Curing Community

As pioneers in UV LED curing technology, it is only fitting that Flint Group is a member of the UV LED Curing Community!

The UV LED Curing Community is a website community designed by Mr. Paul Mills, a long-time UV curing proponent of UV curing.  This non-commercial website was formed to focus specifically on growing the UV LED curing industry.  The community works with publications, suppliers, and associations to provide news and information to their readers and members. 

The Community has two primary purposes:

  • Provide a forum for UV LED curing conversations
  • Foster communication between suppliers and consumers of UV LED solutions

Mr. Mills, like Flint Group, feels that UV LEDs are making new inroads in the printing industry but adds that “we still have much to learn about how this technology will fit in for printers, converters, and suppliers, and what applications may benefit the most. The UV LED Community with the support of knowledgeable companies like Flint Group is helping to close that gap”.

For more information on the UV LED Curing Community, or to become a member, please visit their website at www.uvledcommunity.org .

Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web offers energy curable solutions for sheetfed commercial and package printing, narrow web label and package printing, and wide web package printing – for additional information on the products offered by Flint Group, or to speak with one of our experts, please contact us at info.packaginginks@flintgrp.com .