2705 Flint Group Introduces Pluritech SLU A Universal Shrink Sleeve System To The Flexible Packaging Market In EMEA

Flint Group introduces PluriTech SLU, a universal shrink sleeve system, to the flexible packaging market in EMEA

July 2015: Flint Group Flexible Packaging EMEA is pleased to introduce PluriTech SLU, a universal shrink sleeve system. This technology has been developed to be used in conjunction with Flint Group’s standard NitroBase WZ61 concentrates suitable for rotogravure applications.

Many converters producing shrink sleeves are printing on a variety of different substrates which currently require multiple ink systems of different chemistry. According to Thomas Strohe, Commercial Product Director Flexible Packaging EMEA, “PluriTech SLU offers a technology that covers the majority of commonly used substrates such as Polyester, Polypropylene, PVC. By backing with the corresponding White it is even suitable for Sleeves with maximum product resistance.”

When using the one standard ink system PluriTech SLU for different purposes, the converter will benefit from simplified ink specifications, reduced inventories and press returns. Thanks to the avoidance of changing ink series / chemistry, set up times will be significantly reduced as time consuming cleaning cycles are obsolete.

PluriTech SLU can be in-house blended by using the standard NitroBase WZ61 concentrates and simply adding a TC (Technical Compound). Flexible Packaging converters can therefore easily enter the fast growing Shrink Sleeve Market.

For further information, please contact your Flint Group local sales or technical expert, or email info.packaginginks@flintgrp.com.