2710 Flint Group Launches Omnilam F And Omnilam G

Flint Group launches two new inks systems for the medium to medium-high flexo and gravure flexible packaging segments – OmniLam F and OmniLam G

July 2015, Lebanon, Ohio, USA: Flint Group announces the launch of OmniLam F and OmniLam G – a medium to medium-high lamination ink system for the North American flexible packaging market for both flexo and gravure printing processes.

OmniLam F (flexo) and OmniLam G (gravure) are non nitrocellulose ink systems that deliver high bond strengths on a wide range of film structures. These inks will enable the printing of high definition graphics that can withstand harsh environments with bond strengths greater than 400 g/in on substrates like OPP, Polyesters, and Nylon that are both extrusion and adhesive laminated. OmniLam was developed for Flexographic and Rotogravure converters.

Tim Wagner, Product Manager, Flexible Packaging North America had this to say, “Our goal at Flint Group is to provide best in class products to the market. We identified that Flint Group needed to develop ink systems that would meet the needs to the ever changing lamination market.” 

He continued, “Historically, the legacy nitrocellulose ink systems could not support these new market opportunities. We also realised that a single ink needed to provide adhesion for all types of Laminations with high bond strengths, such as solvent, SAL, and extrusion. OmniLam F and OmniLam G met our expectations and will meet the future demands of the lamination market in North America.”

A full line of colours have been formulated to provide high colour strength, excellent resolubility, and good flow at low viscosities. Both OmniLam F and OmniLam G deliver high bond strengths on a wide variety of films and can be adhesive or extrusion laminated. OmniLam functionality allows it to be an excellent choice for mint oil resistant, microwavable (withstands cooking temperatures over 275° F) or “lower end” retort packages (1-2 bar pressure / 1 cycle / 130° C. Shelf life 6 months or less).

OmniLam F and OmniLam G are commercially available now! Contact your local sales representative for further information, or email info.packaginginks@flintgrp.com.