2760 Flint Group Publishes 2015 Sustainability Report

Flint Group Publishes 2015 Sustainability Report

Flint Group has today announced publication of its 2015 Sustainability Report - providing comprehensive economic, social and environmental data, detailing the group’s strong sustainability performance over the last several years.

“Sustainability continues to define the way we conduct our business and interact with customers, colleagues, shareholders, suppliers and the communities where we operate,” said Antoine Fady, CEO Flint Group. “Our sustainable vision, strategic objectives and core values underpinned by our Mission and Guiding Principles are closely integrated in all of our policies, procedures, processes and operations that continue to make us the company we are today.

He continues, “At Flint Group we believe that applying this commitment and approach to sustainability is simply smart business practice – a fundamental driver to long-term shareholder value and the delivery of a vibrant, successful business. As companies along the packaging and graphic arts supply chains increasingly embed sustainable philosophies and practices into their businesses, they can rely on Flint Group to be a strong link in that sustainability chain.”

Since its formation in 2005, Flint Group has continued to deliver market-leading sustainable solutions and has adopted a unique approach to sustainability—based on the organisations own Mission and Guiding and Principles. This approach not only ensures alignment to business strategy but also to its organisational goal of operating in a manner that maximises product performance while minimising any negative impact of its operations on the environment.

As one of the leading suppliers to the Printing and Packaging industries, Flint Group remains committed to implementing initiatives that support continual improvement in all areas – including sustainability.

Jan Paul van der Velde, SVP Procurement, Sustainability, IT and Regulatory commented, “I’m proud of the progress that we continue to make year on year. In publishing its 2015 report, Flint Group has been able to look deeper into its social and environmental activities enabling us to continue to raise the bar for sustainability within the industry. We have upgraded our compliance process and policies, improved our systems and tools and looked closer at the way we work with our suppliers.

Within the 2015 report, you will also find just some of the many examples where Flint Group’s teams and people have really made a difference to the world around us. From emergency help in the midst of crisis to long-term projects where the skills and expertise of our employees continue to make telling contributions to the communities where we live and work.”

Flint Group’s 2015 Sustainability Report is now available to download via the following link:

2015 Flint Group Sustainability Report