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Chinese flexo trade shop Kunshan Fuhua installs nyloflex® NExT Equipment

Fast exposure, excellent ink transfer, and constant quality in plate making

Founded in 1995, Kunshan Fuhua Printing Co. Ltd. is located in Kunshan in the Southern Chinese province of Jiangsu. About 700,000 people live on ca. 930 square kilometres in this district-free city in the Yangtze delta. This area is among the most economically developed regions in China.

Kunshan Fuhua is a leading Chinese flexo trade shop with a comprehensive offering for packaging printers. Profound technical knowledge, sophisticated equipment, and the advanced management level are the pillars of its success. More than 200 well-trained technicians offer a perfect service to the customers. These attributes and the high product quality contribute to the good reputation of the company. In order to continue as a quality leader and to further improve the product range, they put emphasis on technological innovations. It’s the intention to become the most powerful flexo plate making company in Asia. This is one of the reasons they chose to step and grow into the thin plate area besides the segment of thick plates, which has been mainly served so far.

After a successful series of tests, they decided in April 2015, to install a nyloflex® NExT Exposure FV unit from Flint Group. The nyloflex® NExT exposure technology utilises a high intensity UV-A LED light source to conduct rapid crosslinking of the photopolymer surface. The high UV-A output results in a virtual 1:1 image reproduction from the digital file to the finished plate. In flexible packaging, printing plates exposed with this technology allow excellent ink transfer, particularly in solids due to the option to precisely reproduce surface screening structures. And in corrugated printing, fluting will considerably be reduced.

From left to right: Huang Chaobo (Kunshan Fuhua), Supachai Theravithayangkura (Flint Group), Li Lin (Kunshan Fuhua), Yushan Lee, Thomas Weik, and Sim Cai (Flint Group) are pleased with the installation of a nyloflex® NExT Exposure at Kunshan Fuhua.

Encouraged by the positive experiences with the new exposure unit and the excellent cooperation with the local Flint Group staff, Kunshan Fuhua’s management decided to buy a nyloflex® Digital Washer FV, which went into operation early this summer. This premium quality equipment is ideally suited for processing digital and conventional photopolymer printing plates. The digital layer separation and a faster washout speed, due to additional brushes, shorten the processing time significantly, thus improving productivity. Two solvent cycles reduce the contamination of the washer and enable clean processing of the printing plates. The viscosity and temperature control device ensure consistent processing conditions and optimised solvent consumption.
“We are extremely satisfied with Flint Group’s product offering and system solutions,” says Ms. Fu Wenzhen, Managing Director Kunshan Fuhua. “The investment in this new equipment will help us to meet our ambitious objectives.”

29 October 2015

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