A New Normal in digital colour management becomes reality with Flint Group’s VIVO Colour Solutions - Introducing VIVO ColourSuite for the packaging industry!

Flint Group is proud to be the first ink supplier to offer a cutting edge integrated press room digital colour management service – VIVO Colour Solutions!  Adding to this platform, Flint Group announces the launch of VIVO ColourSuite and VIVO ColourSuite Viewer.

VIVO ColourSuite is a web-based dual software package providing on-press spectral job/colour measurement and approval functionality, plus the additional and unique opportunity to view real time colour performance graphs and a reporting dashboard across multiple machines, sites, and regions.

VIVO ColourSuite Viewer, reporting software, takes digital colour data from the press via VIVO ColourSuite and generates valuable operational reports enabling print managers/professionals a unique opportunity to monitor and manage colour compliance and trends including the ability to target the variables attributable with non-compliance.

VIVO ColourSuite is part of a unique eco colour services toolbox designed to provide a dynamic end to end digital colour workflow for the professional pressroom delivering valuable operational measurement data to manage processes and reduce the overall cost to serve.

Mr. Stuart Duffy, Director Professional Services for Flint Group Paper & Board, comments, “Traditional colour quality control focuses on ‘is the colour right or wrong?’ Flint Group’s customers now have the unique ability to capture, analyze, and manage all colour related performance at the press of a button with the additional advantage to demonstrate and report real-time colour conformity via web connections to Brand Owner clients.”

Printers will see multiple benefits from VIVO ColourSuite:

  • Right 1st Time reporting (by cost and time)

  • dE and colour drift trends

  • Strength and cost reduction opportunities

  • Problematic colours / jobs / substrates / presses

  • Potential training and working practice deficiencies

  • Quality and conformance reporting

  • Compatible and suitable for all Flint Group Packaging Ink divisions

Flint Group is proud to launch this cutting edge platform to the industry and establish a new normal in digital colour management.  With VIVO Colour Solutions, package printers around the world can establish a competitive advantage by reducing complexity and time to produce high quality consistent colour packaging at the lowest achievable cost.

For more information on VIVO Colour Solutions, contact Flint Group at info.packaginginks@flintgrp.com.