A New Normal in digital colour management becomes reality with Flint Group’s VIVO Colour Solutions. Introducing VIVO DigiSystem v3 and VIVO ColourBook!

VIVO Colour Solutions, Flint Group’s Paper & Board division is proud to be the first ink supplier to offer a truly innovative end to end integrated press room digital colour management service. Adding to this platform, Flint Group announces the launch of its latest generation VIVO DigiSystem v3 and VIVO ColourBook.

VIVO DigiSystem v3 is a wider gamut digital desk top printer profiled back to a central reference at Flint Group’s Global Colour Center. DigiSystem v3 enables instant download of <1.0 dE average repeatable colour guides consistently to any other Flint Group DigiSystem v3 globally.

Launched in 2010, Flint Group’s original, ground breaking, DigiSystem v1 allowed the creation of bespoke files at individual customer sites on stand-alone printers. This new generation DigiSystem will support the download and printing of digital spot colour proofs directly from Flint Group’s ColourCloud consistently anywhere in the world.

Printers will realise multiple benefits from VIVO DigiSystem:

  • Complete digital Pantone® colour library is available for download on five industry standard substrates.

  • Printers can download, and print aesthetically superior colour guides anywhere globally with an average repeatable dE <1.0.

  • Traceability with increased confidence that only the latest colour guide is used.

  • Excellent lightfastness and stability over a number of years.

  • Every colour is supported by spectral data and ink recipes from VIVO ColourCloud.

VIVO ColourBook is Flint Group’s unique colour guide of over 1800 achievable Pantone® shade interpretations on brown kraftliner substrate. This guide provides an accurate method for the selection, specification, communication, and reproduction of commonly specified colours used for design, print, and packaging.  The book is supported and available on Flint Group’s forthcoming VIVO ColourCloud.

With VIVO ColourBook, 1867 colours provide a visual guide of what is achievable on press.

  • Every colour identified by a unique VIVO colour guide number;

  • Every colour matched and proofed on press under strict and controlled conditions;

  • Every colour has a unique ink recipe available in multiple film weights;

  • Every colour has a unique downloadable spectral standard (e.g. CxF);

  • Every colour has an individual DigiSwatch available for download and printing.

All of the above will be available for instant download from the VIVO ColourCloud.

Mr. Stuart Duffy, Director Professional Services for Flint Group Paper & Board, says: “You have to view digital colour communication on multiple levels which is what makes Flint Group’s VIVO Colour Solutions so unique. Our partners now have the ability to share spectral data, the ink recipe, plus this vastly superior printed colour guide to achievable colour.”

He continues, “DigiSystem v3 has been created to speed up effective colour communications around the world, a perfect solution for printers with multiple locations and tight specifications.  Additionally, VIVO ColourBook effectively removes the challenging negotiation between the brand owner and the print converter as to what is achievable on press.” 

Flint Group is proud to launch this cutting edge platform to the industry and establish a new normal in digital colour management.  With VIVO Colour Solutions, package printers around the world can establish a competitive advantage by reducing complexity and time for colour reproduction and approvals.  Serious service, solutions, and speed to market at the lowest achievable cost.

For more information on VIVO Colour Solutions, contact Flint Group at info.packaginginks@flintgrp.com.