Best-in-class Coldset Fountain Solutions

New Flint Group Technology Creates Best-in-class Coldset Fountain Solutions (North America)

Flint Group scientists have just launched new and enhanced Varn® Newsline fountain solutions based on newly developed proprietary technology.

New to the line-up is Varn Newsline 550 fountain solution. It provides superb cleaning and protection of the non-image areas of the plates and blankets. Hour after hour, even under the lowest-possible water settings, Newsline 550 keeps the press running clean and yields significantly better print quality compared to other coldset founts.

Varn Newsline 550 can be a differentiator in other ways as well. “This exclusive design can limit the total cost of print,” says John Fatigato, Director of Technology, Chemical Products Division. According to Mr. Fatigato, Varn Newsline 550 fount helps printers come up to color faster with less fountain solution, less waste and less time. The superior clean also helps limit downtime dedicated to cleaning, and the anti-corrosive formula helps to decrease maintenance needs.

Also benefiting from the new technology is Varn Newsline 435NT. This upgraded version of Newsline 435 offers the quality and consistency of the original product with two valuable improvements: OEM approval plus powerful cleaning that matches the Newsline 550 fount.

“For coldset printers in need of OEM-approved consumables, there is no better option than Varn Newsline 435NT,” says Greg Yoder, Business Director Pressroom Chemicals for Flint Group North America. “In today’s tough news sector, this gives customers an important competitive advantage.”

Printers can use Varn Newsline 550 and 435NT founts on spray bar dampening systems or select 550 Turbo and 435NT Turbo versions for turbo, brush and conventional dampening systems.