Blue Angel Product Portfolio

Flint Group presents its product portfolio conforming to the Blue Angel criteria for Printed Matters (RAL-UZ 195).


Flint Group are pleased to present our portfolio of products for printers seeking Blue Angel certification. The Blue Angel is an environmental label organised by the federal government of Germany for the protection of people and the environment. It sets very exacting standards, is independent and has proven itself over more than 35 years as a guide for selecting environmentally-friendly products. The Blue Angel for Printed Matters (RAL-UZ 195) is awarded to printed matter that represents an environmentally friendly alternative to standard printed matter available on the market.

Flint Group’s range of ‘Blue Angel’ products confirms our commitment to the environment and to ensuring best in class products are at the heart of our portfolio. These products have been developed to deliver exceptional performance characteristics coupled with leading environmental benefits.

Printing Inks

In partnership with WKS Group, our new PremEco BE Series has been developed especially with the environment in mind. WKS Group are a leading German Heatset printer and pioneer for sustainable production technologies. Benefitting from a wide range of press sizes including the world's only 160pp press, they have become the first Heatset printer using Heatset ink from Flint Group to receive the new Blue Angel certification for printed matters (RAL-UZ 195).

As Flint Group also has a leading role in the development of environmental standards for the printing industry, WKS Group and Flint Group have established a development partnership for the further advancement of Heatset ink. In the course of this cooperation, Flint Group has developed the PremEco BE Series and undertaken extensive tests for all paper grades (LWC, SC, Newsprint). The outcome of this successful development partnership is that Flint Group now supplies WKS Group exclusively with PremEco BE.

Press Room Chemicals

To be compliant with RAL-UZ 195, a number of environmental criteria must be adhered to for the press room chemicals used in the printing process. For example, Fountain solution additives should contain VOC levels less than 10 %; although higher values are acceptable providing that a valid justification is given. The ready-made fountain solution must contain less than 3% IPA in formulation.

For Roller and Blanket Washes there are restrictions on aromatic hydrocarbons (<1%) and chlorinated solvents. The flashpoint has to be greater than 55°C but ideally should be above 100°C.

Flint Group have a variety of proven fountain solutions and washes that meet the Blue Angel criteria and are listed in full below.


Fountain Solutions

Varn AF Superspeed

Varn Sunday Fount

Varn Durafount

Varn HSF 8721

Varn HSF 8831

Varn HSF 8938

Varn HSF 9153 (250)

Varn HSF 9209



Blanket & Roller Washes

Varn Natural Wash

Varn Green Wash HS

Varn HS Fast Wash Elettra

Varn Non VOC Wash

Varn HSW 9189

Flint Group Technical specialists are available to assist printers with their Blue Angel application. Please contact your local Flint Group representative or email us at