Contact Originators are now a FlexoExpert

Beta customer successfully passed through the certification programme

Based in Bredbury, Stockport (UK), Contact Originators focus on packaging origination and graphics management. Working with modern technologies and relying on skills and experience, they are positioned as one of Europe’s most successful providers. As a matter of course, the company aims to progress and improve their working practices. For this reason, they decided to be the first beta customer to participate in Flint Group’s FlexoExpert certification programme.

After having passed through the final audit with excellent results, the company can now proudly call themselves FlexoExpert. Contact Originators are certified for the next two years, and their customers can rely on consistently high quality printing plates.

“For us, it has been particularly important to optimise our processes, which included fine-tuning our equipment and production parameters within a controlled documented measurement programme”, says Neil Jones. “Our staff members were highly motivated to take part and found several ways to make improvements“.

With the FlexoExpert programme, plate makers are provided with improved support for their daily business. In the course of this programme, production processes are optimised and customised training is provided by Flint Groups experts. The programme is completed with a certificate which confirms the company’s quality platemaking standards – clearly visible to all customers.

For information about the FlexoExpert programme please visit FlexoExpert on our Website or contact