Flint Group announces the acquisition of Druckfarben in the United Kingdom

Flint Group announces the acquisition of Druckfarben Limited, the UK based supplier of inks, varnishes, coatings, blankets, and pressroom consumables for sheetfed printing. With this investment Flint Group will strengthen its coatings portfolio and service offering in the UK and Ireland and demonstrates its strong commitment to the sheetfed printing sector.

Druckfarben is recognised for providing outstanding customer service, excellent technical support, and an efficient and reliable supply chain. These attributes further enhance Flint Group’s customer proposition in the sheetfed offset printing segment.

Romain Boulot, VP Sheetfed Sales and Global Strategy for Flint Group, says, "From an innovation standpoint, Druckfarben will bring Flint Group’s customers added value through their coating technologies - supplying products that enhance our current sheetfed portfolio. For example we will now be able to offer an extended range of Silkoseal varnishes which are a critical aspect of the sheetfed printing process."

Grant Penfield, owner and Managing Director of Druckfarben, states, “We are very excited by the prospect of growing our business as part of Flint Group. By combining our strengths we are able to offer our customers cutting edge innovations in both inks and coatings. We recognise that the commercial sheetfed print sector is changing and this gives us the opportunity to stay one-step ahead and effectively plan for the future.”

Mr. Penfield continues, “Flint Group and Druckfarben are both dedicated to customer success and we are now presented with a great opportunity to provide our customers with new solutions through our support teams and extended product resources. Business will continue as usual for existing customers with significant benefits being rolled out over the coming months. We are genuinely looking forward to our future as part of the Flint Group team.”

Doug Aldred, President Packaging and Narrow Web, comments, “Flint Group is very happy to join together with Druckfarben – our partnership will enable us to deliver additional products, solutions and expertise to our customers in the UK and Ireland. Together, we are positioned to support our global clients with an expanded range of products that complement our innovative UV LED and EB technologies for sheetfed commercial and packaging applications.”

Flint Group’s strategy is to build its market base for the benefit of the customers it serves around the world, delivering value to printers in a consistent, reliable, and economical way. It is the company’s mission to be the best performing supplier to the printing and packaging industries. The partnership between Flint Group and Druckfarben is further proof that this objective is a growing reality.

Upon the signing of the agreement on 8 July, this acquisition has been confirmed and finalised.

For more information, please contact Deanna Klemesrud at deanna.klemesrud@flintgrp.com.