Flint Group announces the launch of nyloprint® WF SHARP Digital Plate


  • nyloprint® WF SHARP Digital, a high performance letterpress plate for label printing

  • Efficient, reliable and fast plate processing

  • The smart choice for sharp printing

Stuttgart, Germany, 25th September 2018 – As the leader in flexographic plates and sleeves solutions, Flint Group continues to innovate new letterpress plate solutions.

Flint Group is excited to announce the launch of nyloprint® WF SHARP Digital, a water washable, film-based plate for the high-end label market. The new plate is ideal for high quality print jobs as well as for aluminum and plastic laminated tubes.

This new technology delivers digital images with up to 10.160 dpi for superior print quality with sharper images, more open reverses and finer highlights. The digital workflow allows data transfer without loss of quality. The latest generation of photopolymer plate technology allows the plate to be processed on all common types of processing equipment. The high flexibility of the polyester base and its superior adaption to different cylinders simplify the plate mounting. Furthermore, the durability of the digital label plate leads to longer print runs and increased resource efficiency.

“We leveraged our vast knowledge in the letterpress segment to develop the nyloprint® WF SHARP Digital plate. This plate is specifically designed for letterpress applications in the label market, completing our offering to label producers,” says Friedrich von Rechteren, Global Commercial VP Flexographic.

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