Flint Group Celebrates Grand Opening of the Technology Center Asia Pacific in Shanghai

  • Comprehensive tests, research and collaboration begin at Flint Groups Technology Center Asia Pacific at the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

  • Flint Group has invested about €2 million in the 400 square meter facility

  • Another Flint Group technology center opens its doors and fortifies the customer-centric approach

Shanghai, China, March 28th 2019 – Flint Group, global leading manufacturer of printing equipment and consumables, announced the grand opening of its regional Technology Center Asia Pacific (ATC), located at the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College (SPPC), No.100 Shui Feng Road, Shanghai, China. The Technology Center allows continued expansion of technical support, services and provides a location for state-of-the-art development, plate manufacturing, training, and education. The company has invested about €2 million in the technology center, where Flint Group technicians cooperate with SPPC members in a 400 square meter space.

“The ATC is an important milestone within our global innovation network to help our customers capturing the growth in the packaging market. We can not only showcase what can be done within the flexographic printing space, but more importantly provide a platform to develop solutions with and for our customers and the entire value chain,” said Friedrich von Rechteren, Global Commercial Vice President.

The Technology Center features a complete solution of nyloflex®, nyloprint®, rotec® and ThermoFlexX plate processing equipment as well as facilities for training, education, and in-depth evaluation. It offers an inspiring environment for Flint Group customers to develop future packaging solutions and to unlock the keystones of innovation: creativity, productivity and collaboration.

“SPPC in Shanghai is a strategic choice for our Technology Center in Asia Pacific, where we are committed to grow. Flint Group has now another unique facility for teaching and testing excellence, incorporating a concept for the development of all kinds of future printing plates and plate processing solutions,” added Friedrich von Rechteren.

Roy Schoettle, VP Flexographic Asia Pacific, emphasizes: “Asia has the confluence of large and fast-growing markets. As it is Flint Group’s ambition to become the innovation leader in flexographic plates and sleeves solutions, we are addressing this challenge through continuous innovation for our customers as well as offering space for developing our employees, as they are our important guarantors for the success of our company.”

One pillar of Flint Group’s customer-centric approach is creating global and regional innovation centers such as they did with the Global Innovation Center for Paper & Board in Malmö, Sweden, the Global Colour Center in Lodz, Poland, as well as the Flexographic Technical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and Stuttgart, Germany.

Flint Group aims to develop and create solutions for their customers in their core business segments of printing consumables and printing equipment, while constantly driving change and working on innovations.  

For more information about Flint Group please contact info.flexo@flintgrp.com.