Flint Group joins Open Seminar organised by “Innovationskreis Tampondruck”

17-11-22 - Flint Group joins Open Seminar organised by “Innovationskreis Tampondruck"

  • Flint Group holds presentation on pad printing at Open Seminar as the leader of “Innovationskreis Tampondruck”.
  • nyloprint® DLE 30 S pad printing plate and the digital fiber laser ThermoFlexX 30 is shown as the latest innovation in pad printing.

Bietigheim, Germany, November 22, 2017 - “Printing problems in practice” is the slogan of this year’s Open Seminar held from 11 to 12 October 2017 in Bietigheim, Germany. Around 40 professionals attended the seminar, an annual meeting that offers support and answers questions in the area of pad printing.

A technical session and selected presentations that focused on pad printing machines, equipment, inks, plates, and innovations gave useful insights to all areas of pad printing. Discussions revolved around latest innovations and building social networks. Flint Group as the market leader in manufacturing printing plates explained direct engraving of pad printing plates and the latest laser imager ThermoFlexX 30.

The nyloprint® DLE 30 S pad printing plate is suitable for short and medium print runs for laser direct engraving. With nyloprint® pad printing plates, designs and fine types can be transferred most precisely on nearly all substrates and geometric shapes. Detailed reproduction and an easy and fast plate processing is also made possible. XEIKONs ThermoFlexX 30, a digital fiber laser, fits well for the medium web segment which is used in pad printing. Based on smart design, printers can produce their own digital plates in-house.

A satisfaction survey on the open seminar was conducted afterwards with positive remarks: "This seminar has been a great forum for learning about all the everyday problems in pad printing as well as hearing what other people in other industries are trying to figure out. Overall, an excellent seminar which is very well organised and well presented! ", said one of the participants.

As experts of pad printing Peter Gailing, Sieb- und Tampondruck Gailing, Ralf Rübenach, Marabu and leader Jürgen Veser, Flint Group, founded “Innovationskreis Tampondruck” (Innovation circle pad printing) in 2013. The aim of this committee is to improve networking among suppliers, institutions and research facilities. Furthermore, this platform offers qualified support in process optimisation and vocational trainings.

For more information about Flint Group, please contact info.flexo@flintgrp.com.