Flint Group Narrow Web EMEA Launches VIVO Colour Solutions


Flint Group Narrow Web EMEA Launches VIVO Colour Solutions, the Most Accurate, Versatile and Easy to Use Colour Management Solution.


Trelleborg, Sweden February 5, 2018 – Following extensive dialogue with Narrow Web label and packaging printers concerning their needs for exact colour formulations and simplicity in colour matching, Flint Group Narrow Web launches VIVO Colour Solutions.  This web-based system is a first-of-its-kind ink colour formulation search engine and support service, designed to increase the converter’s colour accuracy, press uptime and reduce substrate and ink waste.


Why is VIVO Colour Solutions an innovation?

This offering is a family of products and services that ensures colour recipes are tailored to each customer’s unique selection of ink chemistry, variety of substrates, and selection of aniloxes.  VIVO Colour Solutions is a step above existing colour management options which are based upon one substrate and theoretically calculated formulations.  VIVO Colour Solutions is the only one operational on the market today that provides this flexibility and accuracy designed-in so that the converter’s operation can focus on what they do best, printing beautiful graphics for the brand owner. 


“Today customers across 7 countries in Europe are using VIVO Colour Solutions to generate ink colour formulations, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Kelly Kolliopoulos, Global Marketing Director, Flint Group Narrow Web.  “Customers tell us they get accurate ink formulations for new colours right away, their press utilisation has increased, and their operators find the system easy to use.  These qualitative reviews are backed up with quantitative results.  On average, converters who use VIVO Colour Solutions for spot colour formulation save 2 hours of press down-time and 100-300 linear meters of substrate waste per colour match.” 



According to our customer Mr. Arthur Nowaczyk, Owner of Natalii Sp. z o.o,

We have increasing numbers of jobs where clients require stringent colour tolerance. Our old system for colour matching was inaccurate, and our press operators had to adjust colour on press multiple times, which caused us press down time, and generated substrate and ink waste.  During our first week of using VIVO Colour Solutions, we had to manage new designs for one of our largest customers.  They were really impressed with how quickly and accurately we could meet their specified colour target for these new complex jobs!  Overall, by adopting VIVO Colour Solutions, our press utilization has increased 1-2 hours per job, and our substrate waste is reduced by 150 linear meters per run.  It really improves our productivity and quality, and operators appreciate how user friendly the system is.”


"Formulations from VIVO are much better than from using the pantone guide, and this is an improvement in our productivity!" said Monika, a prepress staff member from Sigolabels a Flint Group Narrow Web customer



What’s next in the VIVO Colour Solutions development pipeline?

“I am very excited to lead the launch of this bespoke offering throughout EMEA.” Said Niklas Olsson, Business Development Manager-Services, Flint Group Narrow Web.  “Today the combined offering includes the 24/7 formulations warehouse (VIVO Colour Cloud) backed up by a team of colour specialists who respond to unique colour match requests.  But there are more innovations to come, including the opportunity to digitally print draw-downs or to certify colour quality control on press.”

Stay tuned for the planned releases of additional Flint Group Narrow Web VIVO Colour Solutions modules as the company establishes the industry’s highest colour management standard.

For a limited time, Flint Group Narrow Web offers all customers a free of charge two months trial period of the VIVO Colour Solutions, where the promise is to reduce the press downtime, rejects and re-runs, material waste, extra waste ink and thereby helping the converter to cut costs. 

Visit the Flint Group website, Flint Group’s YouTube channel, or social media channels to see more about VIVO Colour Solutions.