Flint Group Packaging Announces Advanced Offerings at Labelexpo Europe 2019

Brussels, Belgium, September 13, 2019 – As a result of the combined strength of Flint Group Narrow Web, Flint Group Flexographic, and Xeikon (member of Flint Group Digital Printing Solutions), we are excited to demonstrate for customers our unique and advanced offerings that deliver customer earnings and productivity beyond what other suppliers can provide.

The combined creativity of Xeikon Prepress and Flint Group Flexographic has delivered a revolutionary integrated prepress solution for highly automated imaging devices.   These two businesses are excited to share the details of the expanded ThermoFlexX brand across all products. This offering builds on the outstanding success of ThermoFlexX digital imagers and Woodpecker Nano screening technology and the highest quality flexographic plate, nyloflex®. This innovative solution will combine Xeikon's comprehensive imaging expertise and Flint Group's long experience in the development of flexographic plates in order to provide significant increases in productivity in the press-room; a solution that is better, faster and easier to use.

Flint Group Narrow Web will present new offerings to help converters expand their capabilities in on-press colour management, and consider business growth in short run flexible food packaging. Announcements will include VIVO ColourSolutions linkage with dispensers, and the expansion of the system to cover more printing-ink series. VIVO ColourSolutions is the world’s most accurate, versatile and easy to use colour management system and Flint Group Narrow Web is delighted to introduce customers to the web based system for achieving colour right the first time on press.  Also on display at the show will be the most comprehensive UV LED Curing inks, including those for food packaging compliant applications.  With over 25% of all printing applications in EMEA being for the food industry, we are proud to share with our customers the inks and solutions to enable their growth in short runs of flexible food packaging.  

For Flint Group Digital Solutions, Xeikon features a wide portfolio of digital label printing solutions, including entry level as well as high productivity production lines from start to finish. There will be demonstrations on the latest innovative power of Xeikon’s X-800 workflow tools driving a number of digital presses using both inkjet and toner technologies and demonstrating food safety for flexible packaging and stand up pouches.


For more information, contact:


Ozan Ozturk

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Narrow Web:

Karin Albrektsson

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Digital Solutions (Xeikon):

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Tahnée Wullepit

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