Flint Group Packaging publishes its 2020 Sustainability Report

July 2020 – Flint Group Packaging is delighted to announce the publication of its 2020 Sustainability Report. This version provides updates on the organisation’s sustainability performance to date.

Antoine Fady, CEO of Flint Group, comments, “Since the last report, we have repositioned Flint Group to become a supplier of choice to the packaging industry following a series of acquisitions. Our mission is to be the best performing supplier to the packaging industry in the segments where we operate, by consistently delighting our customers with high quality, innovative and sustainable products and services.

"Sustainability is deeply engrained in our values and the way we do business. We recognise that maintaining a high degree of economic, environmental and social sustainability is fundamental to delivering value for our stakeholders now and in the long term. Exercising good governance over these issues allows us to manage risk effectively and differentiates us in the marketplace as a responsible, low-risk partner.“

Steve Dryden, COO of Flint Group, says, “As we have grown, we have maintained a strong focus on building and consolidating our sustainability culture. We have taken some important steps to reduce our environmental footprint and we only partner with trusted suppliers who adhere to our high standards and uphold rigorous human rights and environmental standards.“

Legal compliance, business ethics, health, safety and environment are the pillars of Flint Group culture. Over the last few years the company took actions to reduce its environmental footprint and develop more sustainable products and technology. This philosophy is engraved in Flint Group Packaging.

Flint Group‘s 2020 Sustainability Report outlines the company‘s performance in three key areas—Governance, Environment and Social – detailing the way in which Flint Group has incorporated sustainable business practices into its daily activities.

  • Governance: reflects the company strong culture of integrity and compliance.

  • Environment: Divisional sustainable initiatives present the company strategy with a clear focus on energy usage, water consumption, waste reduction and recycling.

  • Social: shows some of our actions to make the world a better place both for Flint Group employees and for those around us.


Steve Dryden concludes, “While we have made considerable progress in our sustainability objectives, we recognise that this is a dynamic topic and there will always be areas for improvement. Our customers, and the packaging industry, can rely on Flint Group to continue on our path with a laser focus to consider our environment in every aspect of our business.“


For further information on Flint Group Packaging‘s 2020 Sustainability Report, please download the report via Flint Group’s website, or contact Jakub Serek at Jakub.Serek@flintgrp.com for further information.