Flint Group Packaging Recognised at the 2021 UK Flexographic Industry Association Awards.

Flint Group Packaging was recognised in two highly regarded categories at this year’s UK Flexographic Industry Association (FIAUK) Awards.

The company, which develops, manufactures and markets an extensive portfolio of print consumables, received bronze awards in the Supplier of the Year and Sustainably Produced Packaging categories at the ceremony, held at the National Railway Museum in York.

The Supplier of the Year category is voted for by printer members of the association and their customers. Meanwhile, the Sustainably Produced Packaging category is awarded by a panel of renowned judges for a company’s sustainable approach to packaging, whether through the substrates or inks utilised, a demonstrable carbon footprint reduction or the achievement of sustainable development goals in manufacture. Flint Group was praised for its new sustainable ink and coating technology, TerraCode, part of the AQUACode portfolio of water-based inks and coatings.

“The company is delighted to have received these two awards,” said Lewis Taylor, Commercial Director Northern Europe & France for Flint Group Paper & Board. “We are extremely proud to be acknowledged as one of the top three suppliers to the flexographic packaging industry in the UK. This award recognises the hard work every employee in the company makes in ensuring our customers not only receive great products but great service.”

The award-winning TerraCode is a new sustainable water-based ink and coating range for paper and board packaging applications incorporating three formulations, Bio, Hybrid and Balance, with biorenewable content. TerraCode is suitable for a wide range of applications including corrugated pre and post print, paper bags and sacks and food service packaging.

Paul Winstanley, Senior Director Technology & Innovation for Flint Group Paper & Board in Europe, explained, “The TerraCode range was developed in line with the company’s sustainability vision ‘to support packaging markets with responsibly built products and sustainable solutions designed for circular economies’ and was developed as a next generation ink solution. Receiving this award recognises the importance of innovation within the sector and demonstrates Flint Group’s global commitment to enhancing sustainability performance in the packaging industry.”

The FIAUK Annual Print Awards, formerly known as the EFIA Awards, celebrate the achievements of the UK flexographic industry and showcase the quality, efficiency, innovation, sustainability, and technical developments that drive the sector forward. Flint Group is proud to have received the highest award amongst all ink suppliers.

For more information, please email info.packaginginks@flintgrp.com.