Flint Group Paper & Board EMEA announce the launch of VIVO Colour Solutions. A New Normal in digital colour management!

April 2018:  Following extensive dialogue with international packaging converters and brand owner partners, Flint Group is positioned to revolutionise printing and colour management with VIVO Colour Solutions.

With increasing demands from global brand owners for colour equity across geographies and packaging substrates, Flint Group’s Paper & Board business segment has developed a solution that can truly, and reliably, meet the colour management needs of all stakeholders in the package print value and supply chain.

VIVO Colour Solutions is a family of products and services with its foundations dating back to 2010 when Flint Group started to compile the essential elements of a robust and dynamic colour communication and service platform. The result is an effective end-to-end colour management process which is not based on software and hardware alone.

Why is VIVO Colour Solutions truly innovative?

Flint Group’s universal ink system which is centrally manufactured, identical and consistent, ensures colour recipes have integrity across multiple customer sites and regions both spectrally and from a regulatory and sustainability prospective. Ensuring secure supply at a reduced cost to serve – GLOBALLY.

  • Flint Group’s centralised colour service platform, the Global Colour Centre (GCC), supports a comprehensive range of colour related requests and services ranging from individual colour matching and DigiSwatch creation through to group wide/multi-site colour mapping and private cloud management projects. GCC delivers a centralised, professional, bespoke colour service 24/7 in multiple languages 365 days per year – GLOBALLY.

  • Flint Group provides a central web-based self-service digital colour repository, containing approved and tested multiple colour data providing easy-to-use features to download targeted information in a quick and efficient way – GLOBALLY.

  • Evidence-based workflow and process management software provides visual analytical data, facilitating improvements to deliver higher levels of service, speed and accuracy across increased distances – GLOBALLY.

Stuart Duffy, Flint Group Director, Professional Services Paper & Board says, “We have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction from our customers and international brand owners as our suite of solutions brings colour to life through several channels. In real terms, we are able to deliver value generating colour management services throughout the entire colour workflow on a global level, and that’s not only very exciting, it’s a genuine breakthrough. We have no doubt VIVO Colour Solutions has the potential to become an industry benchmark.”

Stay tuned for the planned releases of Flint Group’s new VIVO Colour Solutions modules as the company establishes a NEW NORMAL in digital colour management.

Visit the Flint Group website, Flint Group’s YouTube channel, or social media channels to see a short video related to VIVO Colour Solutions.

For more information, please contact Deanna Klemesrud at Deanna.klemesrud@flintgrp.com