Flint Group’s Day and Varn businesses in North America announce price increases

Flint Group’s Day and Varn businesses in North America are announcing price increases in blankets and chemical products to alleviate rapid and sustained increases in raw materials and logistics costs.

The increases will be active for all blankets, bars, chemicals and consumable products sold in US and Canada and will be effective March 1st, 2021 or by contract. 

Supply chains and supply across a number of raw material categories have tightened and or been disrupted leading to costs rising due to a more constrained market. Solvent costs have risen at a level that mandates the company pass along a portion to the market. Additionally, the market has seen significant cost increases in other raw materials such as glycols, silicones emulsions and oils.

Physical Packaging is also a major issue with both Steel & Plastic in short supply, and indications are that this pattern of events will continue through 2021.  As producers of 330 gallon tote bottles have announced force majeure, all 330 gallon totes will move to 275 gallon containers. 

Freight and transportation costs are also under severe pressures in terms of availability and cost due to COVID-19 and weather related impacts.

Flint Group always tries to mitigate cost impacts where possible but must at this time pass along these increases.

Flint Group’s local sales representatives will be in contact with all customers to discuss how this price increase will impact each business.




Michael Kellen

Vice President Commercial North America and Global Chemicals

Flint Group Image Transfer Technologies