Flint Group shows commitment to transparency with CDP disclosure grades

June 2024:  Flint Group, a leading global producer of inks and coatings for the printing and packaging industries, has marked another key milestone in its sustainability journey by achieving overall B grades in Climate and Water disclosure through CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), with several A and A- grade performances in core individual areas. The achievement underlines Flint Group’s commitment to environmental transparency and sustainable practices.

CDP is a non-profit organisation that grades businesses on their level of transparency in sustainability reporting using scoring from “D-“ through “A”. CDP describes a “B” score as indicative of environmental management – these companies have addressed the environmental impacts of the business. Organisations with “A” scoring exhibit leadership and demonstrate best practice in strategy and action.

Under the CDP Climate disclosure criteria, Flint Group achieved an A grade in Scope 1 & 2 emissions and an A- grade in Scope 3 emissions. Under the CDP Water disclosure criteria, the business scored an A grade in Business Impacts and an A- grade in Water Policy.

In achieving B grades in both Climate Change and Water Security disclosures from CDP, Flint Group demonstrates a commitment to clarity and self-reporting that aligns with its core values and multi-dimensional PRISM approach to sustainability.

Matthew Rowland-Jones, Sustainability Officer at Flint Group, commented: “At Flint Group, we approach sustainability via our PRISM framework, where the wider sustainability agenda is refracted into People, Products, and the Planet, like light through a prism. This holistic view ensures that sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business operations.

“Our positive rating is a testament to the work of our global team in minimising the environmental footprint and conserving water resources across our operations. Moreover, it underscores our commitment to transparent reporting and environmental management. This is vital as we work towards our 2030 environmental targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative and include a 46% reduction in scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions and a reduction in water use by 5%.”

Mr. Rowland-Jones continues: “We aspire to be a trusted partner to our customers on the topic of sustainability and supporting their sustainability goals. Our overall B rating shows our commitment to reducing our impact in these critical areas, demonstrating that we are a partner of choice, helping to deliver a more sustainable future.”

By disclosing through CDP, Flint Group joins leading businesses worldwide driving environmental action through clarity and transparency.


To learn more about Flint Group and our sustainability platforms, visit:  https://www.flintgrp.com/sustainability/