nyloflex® and nyloprint® exposures with higher intensity

Flint Group – Higher intensity nyloflex® and nyloprint® Exposures

Flint Group Flexographic Products equips its flexographic and letterpress platemaking exposures with high intensity lamps

Known as a printing plate manufacturer and system supplier, Flint Group Flexographic Products offers a broad range of flexographic and letterpress platemaking equipment. As of 2016, Flint Group Flexographic Products will equip all main exposure units with high power UV-A lamps of the latest generation.

The UV-A output of the high definition lamps increases by up to 15% compared to standard UV-A 10R lamps. This makes them perfectly suitable for the reproduction of high definition halftones and the finest images in flexo form processing. Due to higher UV-A output and improved stability during operating time, the new lamp generation meets the requirements of the highest quality standards. Longer life, and therefore reduced replacement cycles, makes them cost-efficient and user-friendly.

The new lamps have an initial UV-A intensity of over 20 mW/cm2. This allows one to fully exploit the potential of the latest generation of flexo plates, such as the nyloflex® FTF, a flexo plate with inherently flat top dots and a textured plate surface. Due to improved crosslinking, even the finest vignettes with soft fade-outs can be easily reproduced.

For more information about Flint Group, please visit www.flintgrp.com or contact info.flexo@flintgrp.com.

8 February 2016

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