Pad printing plate impresses participants

Flint Group Flexographic Products: Live demonstration of the direct engravable nyloprint® DLE 30 S pad printing plate impresses participants at the open seminar hosted by the german pad printing association "Innovation Tampondruck"

The first seminar of the pad printing association „Innovation Tampondruck“ took place on the 10th of November 2016, at Sieb- und Tampondruck Gailing in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Together with Flint Group and Marabu, Gailing is one of the founding members of the association which was established in the autumn of 2013. The interest in the seminar was overwhelming, and with 50 participants, the event was fully booked.

The first host, Peter Gailing, of Sieb- und Tampondruck Gailing, welcomed the attendees. Printers, ink manufacturers, machine manufacturers, pad manufacturers, and plate manufacturers as well as specialists from research institutions arrived from all over Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Gailing emphasised the complexity of the pad printing method and pointed out the objective of this community: creating a strong network of experts from all areas in order to work together on the best solutions and innovations.

A special highlight of the event was the live printing demonstration with a 6-colour microPrint ML 500 press, which was brought in from Switzerland exclusively for the seminar. The 3-colour print on mint boxes demonstrated the high print quality that can be achieved when press, pad, ink and printing plate work perfectly together. In this practical application, the direct engravable nyloprint® DLE 30 S printing plate from Flint Group played a vital role. Jürgen Veser, spokesman of “Innovation Tampondruck” and technical service employee at Flint Group Flexographic Products, explained this plate type in further detail during his presentation on drivers and trends regarding pad printing’s future.

The nyloprint® DLE 30 S pad printing plate can be imaged by direct laser engraving. The plate making process is fast and easy as additional production steps such as light exposure and washing are obsolete. Additionally, the plate exhibits very good cup gliding characteristics and stability on press together with excellent ink transfer. This product novelty aroused particular interest amongst the participants who used the opportunity to discuss further details with Jürgen Veser.

Since its launch in autumn 2015, the nyloprint® DLE 30 S plate is successfully used all over the world. In combination with new laser systems, ideal opportunities to ease plate making processes are provided. At the beginning of 2017, Flint Group will introduce the nyloprint® DLE 45 S to the market. This plate type with a deeper relief allows an even higher ink transfer. By expanding the portfolio of direct engravable pad printing plates, Flint Group covers all applications.

The presentations of the seminar were as diverse as the participants: Representatives of the companies Lang & Schmitt, Flint Group, Tampo Technik, Lambda Technology, Bochonow Maschinenbau, Marabu and Sieb- und Tampondruck Gailing talked about printing presses, printing plates, pad characteristics, UV exposure units, legal policies, parameters regarding print and ink quality as well as the opportunity of additional pad printing training for screen printers.

The lively information exchange amongst the participants, the positive feedback throughout the seminar, as well as the demand for more seminars in the future showed that the event was worth its effort: „After long consideration, the community’s executive committee decided in favour of this seminar and burdened themselves with a lot of work. All in all I have to say that this was a successful and well accepted event, worthy to be continued next year”, comments Jürgen Veser.

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