rotec® Lightweight Sleeve

Flint Group launches new rotec® Lightweight Sleeve

Plate mounting sleeve with weight savings up to 40% is now available

Flint Group officially launches its new rotec® Lightweight Sleeve for conventional plate mounting with adhesive tapes. Offering weight savings up to 40% compared to standard sleeves on the market, this new generation of hard-coated sleeves meets a huge range of customers’ requirements in the mid to wide web and pre-print sector. Maximum weight limits for components handled in the pressroom, shorter and easier press setups, or even missing adapter configurations can easily be managed in the future.

“The latest developments in the sector of polyurethane foams made it possible to combine among the highest thermal and dimensional stability with less density. This results in our rotec® Lightweight Sleeve – without any compromise in our proven quality.” states Nico Jasper, Flint Group Product Manager and Technical Sales Sleeves.

Further to the weight savings, the rotec® Lightweight Sleeve offers a new feature which was highly appreciated by all test customers: The entire sleeve edge is sealed with an aluminum plate. This protects the sleeve from exposure of cleaning liquids, inks or solvents and prevents from unnatural diameter growth of the sleeve.

The rotec® Lightweight Sleeve is also available in rotec® Ω-Surface Technology for use of solvent based inks as well as all well-known features like the rotec® Stainless Steel Register Ring.

Patrick Luedecke, Flint Group Sales Director Sleeves gives an outlook: “Our Product Development Department in Ahaus, Germany is working intensively on new customer oriented sleeve solutions. Our customers can really look forward to the next innovations rolled out by Flint Group.”

The rotec® Lightweight Sleeve is available with a wall thickness starting at 19 mm and face lengths up to 2835 mm.



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