Spera receives FlexoExpert certification


  • Flint Group experts provide evaluation and training on best plate-making practices with the Group’s FlexoExpert certification programme

  • Spera receives FlexoExpert certification

Stuttgart, Germany, 19th July 2018 – Spera, formerly Reprographic Systems, is a leader in print reproduction and brand management since 1969. Spera operates from three locations: Dublin, Northern Ireland and the mainland Britain. Together these offices employ over 60 experts and experienced staff, providing tailored advice and a bespoke service to businesses in all sectors. They are dedicated to branding and quality. Everything they do revolves around print and color.

In a world where technology and markets are in a constant state of change, Spera provides services their clients can count on in pursuit of their ambitions. That’s the reason they named the company ‘Spera’, which means ‘Trust’ in Latin. Their vision is to have a Global Brand Management Company that’s known for its’ service delivery, and their mission to develop long lasting relationships based on trust.

Spera participated in Flint Group’s FlexoExpert programme and was certified in February 2018 and are currently in the process of certifying their Lurgan Plant in Northern Ireland. During a six-month process consisting of three main steps – evaluation, implementation and training,  and auditing – FlexoExpert provides the means by which plate makers can further optimise their workflow to make more reliable and consistent plates, time and time again. With the guidance of the Flint Group team, Spera implemented the programme and passed the final audit to earn the honor of the FlexoExpert. They became the first site within Spera to receive the certification, which serves as proof to its customers that the company follows best practice in its flexo plate making.

“The Flexo Expert programme has been really significant as it optimised our production processes to produce consistent high quality flexographic plates. The Certification is a confirmation of our company’s quality platemaking standards – with visible, tangible and measurable results. All of our team were motivated to take part and found the programme invaluable. The evaluation and training by the Flint Group Experts was second to none,” Tony Doyle, Production Manager stated.

With its plate-making expertise and focus on service, Flint Group first introduced the programme in April 2016, and offers it to customers around the globe who are interested in broadening their knowledge on the standardisation of the flexo plate making process.

For more information on the FlexoExpert certification process, email flexo.expert@flintgrp.com

Meet Bob and learn more about FlexoExpert certification in our video.