V&V Interflexo and Agraf Industrial Receive Awards from Andigraf in Colombia

17-06-06 Flint Group contratulates its award-winning distributor and customer in Colombia.

  •  Agraf Industrial wins award for best print job.
  • V&V Interflexo earns award for best prepress.
  • nyloflex® FTF Digital Plates eliminate complexity and save time while offering the highest print quality.

Agraf Industrial (Colombia) has advanced with the growing flexo technologies to recently win an award from Andigraf for its outstanding print quality using nyloflex® FTF Digital flexographic plates from Flint Group, winner of the 2016 Flexographic Technical Innovation Award.  Agraf has worked for years with the tradeshop, V&V Interflexo, who introduced the technology to progress Agraf from using high definition with standard digital plates (without flat top dots), to high definition with flat top dots exposed with Flint Group’s nyloflex® NExT Exposure (for creating flat top dots), to adding high definition with advanced surface screening, to finally using Flint Group’s nyloflex® FTF Digital Plates which are flat top plates with a texturized surface out of the box.

Flint Group congratulates its distributor, V&V Interflexo, and its customer, Agraf Industrial, for the awards. The successful technologies presented by V&V Interflexo Technical Manager, Erik Oliveros, over the years have earned him the trust of Agraf Industrial Manager, Vagn Knudsen, and motivated him to engage his technical team led by Gustavo Ruiz, Prepress Manager, to evaluate the new technologies.  Mr. Ruiz comments that, the jobs are running with better details, very good solids and at faster speeds than ever before.  He continues, The durability of the plates is also outstanding.


V&V Interflexo is proud that the plates they supplied to Agraf led to the prestigious award presented by Andigraf.  Mr. Oliveros states, I am very pleased with the improvements we see in our prepress shop with less variables to deal with in attaining the special microstructures on the plate surface and with the speed in which we are now able to produce these high definition plates.  We look forward to sharing the latest technology of the nyloflex® FTF Digital Plates to others throughout Latin America.

The Flint Group nyloflex® FTF Digital Plate, an inherently flat top plate with a special, textured surface for flexible packaging printing provides flat top dots by simply processing it like any standard digital plate; no change, no additional equipment, processing step or consumable item is required. The optimized, textured plate surface eliminates the need for time consuming surface screening. The texture of the plate provides an even ink laydown and increases solid ink density with any imaging resolution. nyloflex® FTF Digital Plates display the advantages of flat top dot geometry, such as less dot gain variation resulting in improved production consistency, as well as a reduced bump-up, reaching the first stable tonal values of e.g., 1.2% at 60 L/cm (152 lpi). Flint Group Flexographic Products received the 2016 FTA Technical Innovation Award for its nyloflex® FTF Digital plate – offering printers and tradeshops “The Easy Way” to achieve flat top dots on flexo printing plates.

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