AQUACode Range for Paper & Board

Inks for Paper & Board - Flexography

AQUACode – a global technology range for Paper & Board printers that enhances press efficiencies.

The ink system that goes beyond conventional chemistries to deliver 21st century print quality while providing industry-leading environmental stewardship opportunities. Launched under the AQUACode umbrella brand, the range comprises inks series designed to meet the needs of specific packaging and print applications. From corrugated to aseptic packaging, the AQUACode range delivers a host of operational and quality advantages for Paper & Board and Film & Foil printers and provides new sustainability benefits.


AQUACode inks are designed to:

  • Reduce printers’ total cost to print.

  • Deliver product safety and premium quality with a secure supply.

  • Provide high versatility and ease of use.

  • Address sustainability and regulatory directives.

  • Support a smooth transition from current ink systems.


The AQUACode range has been carefully curated to address both REACH and TSCA requirements, as well as meeting international food packaging legislation including Swiss Ordinance. Manufactured in line with GMP with stringent selection of raw materials for food packaging applications, the AQUACode Range is low VOC and supports Flint Group sustainability commitments.


Product flyers.

Water-based inks for corrugated board, paper bags & sacks and other key applications. Perfect for printers who want to reduce their total cost to print!

Water-based inks for applications that require high resistance properties, such as Aseptic & Fresh, Food Service Packaging, Hygiene, Folding Carton and other key applications.

Built for protection and performance. A wide range of water-based coatings customised for various applications.

Designed to boost print results with water-based metallic inks, water-based fluorescent inks, or special additives! Contact your local sales or technical representative for more details!

 A hybrid bio-renewable system that supports a more sustainable environment and can be used for all key paper and board applications.




DS Smith secures print quality and sustainability benefits with our AQUACode range of water-based inks. Click here to read more.

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Designed to perform.

For corrugated board, paper bags & sacks and other key applications. Click here to download HexaCodeWhitepaper.

Designed to protect.

For food packaging with high-resistance properties.

Designed for Eco-Green Solutions.

A bio-renewable technology system that supports a more sustainable environment.

Designed to protect & promote.

A wide range of water-based coatings.

Designed to boost print results.

Water-based metallic inks, water-based fluorescent inks.