TerraCode Bio

The Sustainable Solution for Corrugated Packaging

The Sustainable Solution for Corrugated Packaging

TerraCode Bio for Corrugated Packaging

Specifically designed to maintain the print and resistance properties of conventional ink systems, TerraCode Bio delivers excellent coverage, tonal values and trap quality, whilst maximising renewable content.  

TerraCode Bio is an ideal solution for both high volume uncoated work and high quality coated designs. 

  • Supports sustainability objectives
  • Introduces bio-renewable and recycled materials to post- and pre-print Corrugated applications
  • Offers CO2e reduction
  • Seamless 1:1 replacement of existing extenders

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Benefits of TerraCode Bio

Designed with bio-renewable and recycled raw materials.  Formulations contain up to 90% sustainable raw materials.

Meets the needs of corrugated print applications and can also reduce CO2 emissions of Flint Group extenders for corrugated packaging by up to 40%.

TerraCode Bio offers performance that is equivalent or superior to synthetic technologies.

Can be used with a wide range of ink base systems, including our HexaCode and OctaCode bases, enabling a seamless transition, mimising downtime and disruption to your pressroom.